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Abney Park (Magnificent Seven)

Abney park originated in the eighteenth century, formerly one of the ‘magnificent seven’ garden cemeteries of London which were created to alleviate overcrowding in existing parish burial grounds.
Abney Park is now a woodland memorial park and Local Nature Reserve, ivy and other plants grow over and around the memorial stones which are falling over with the pressure of the foliage and the subsidence of time

Theres something quite tranquil about walking around these cemeteries, even though there is a sense that you are walking around memories and sacred ground, you never feel as though you shouldn’t actually be there (they are also quite photogenic in places)


Marine Workshops

The day was wet with a continuous drizzle and the early morning drive down to the coast was a long one. The first photo stop proved to be a no-go and so it was a a great relief to see inside (and the dryness) of this place. It was used for fixing boats and a lot of the place had been stripped.
There was another workshop which had been taken over by pigeons – lots of pigeons

The colours in these workshops were bright in places, even in the dark corners and beneath the muted light coming through the broken windows.

Yellowstone in Infrared

This is a video i did last year while in Yellowstone
the alien landscape through an infrared lens

this was one of the most amazing landscapes on earth and one of the best places that ive visited
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Doel, a town in limbo between demolition and dereliction

Doel is a small town north of Antwerp and on the bank of the Scheldt and beneath the shadow of the nuclear power plant. It was marked for demolition to make way for a new shipping container terminal, usual story – most move out – town falls into disrepair, plans are shelved – town falls further into disrepair. By now only a small number of the original residents remained.
First came the squatters and travelers, then came the street artists and even a save the town collective in the form of doel2020
the future is still uncertain, it was decided that it would be demolished anyway in 2009 – container terminal or not.

I made a solo visit here and it was quite odd walking around. a very quiet, almost wild west atmosphere and the murals on the walls and windows followed you around in places. I met a few other photographers here, its quite a popular place for this and its easy to see why. I kept this one in B&W to give it more of a gritty feel to it

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The cooling tower

After climbing up an external staircase and pushing the large heavy metal door, and it opening out into the vast empty space which looked like the interior of some alien outpost.
The outer pathways all converged in the centre with what looked to be a large round funnel dropping into the stagnant water below.
Looking up and the walls drew in on themselves before opening up to the sky above. The echoes in this tower were amazing, every footstep, crunch and shutter click rebounded around and around your head seemingly following the curves of the tower up and up.

The Automobile Graveyard

Old cars are very photogenic, leave them outside for a few decades and let nature take its course and they take on a whole different light.

A small sleepy viliage in Cambridgeshire and a small copse of trees alongside a footpath, hidden in these were these sad looking car parts.
At first it looked like these were fairly modern cars that had been dumped there but further into the woods and there were older and more classic lines to the cars.
There wasnt actually any pattern to these, it may have been whatever the old owner could get their hands on that week, maybe for scrap or parts.

I recognised some of the cars : Vauxhall Cervette, BMW’s Skodas and Fiats but there were alot which I didnt have a clue what they were

The images here are all taken with an Infrared camera, the channels are swapped in photoshop to turn the red sky to blue and the green foliage to yellow/orange which makes it a bit more normal but still keeps the infrared look to it

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