Monthly Archives: July 2011

Letters from NYC

One of the great outcomes of putting together a show like this is that it has given me a chance to meet some really great people on the way, other photographers and artists that have so kindly offered help and advice, freely and willingly.
I put together a page on the site (under the Exhibition link) which is a thank you to everyone.
One such photographer that has encouraged and helped along the line was Lahary Pittman, a photographer and veteran exhibitor in New York who has given over part of his summer newsletter to my photos, check out the link below…


Digital Camera Magazine

The August issue of Digital Camera came out today, got my copy and first thing on the inside cover is my surname spelled wrong, seriously!!
A few of my final edits werent added to the article as well which is annoying, theres a sentence where I talk about taking IR photos with a non-converted camera and the call it a neutral density filter!!
Aside from that, the article looks alot different to the one in PP, different images too so it definately worth checking out. The features called Postcards from the edge which fits the photos perfectly

Hanging the prints

Its been a very busy weekend, rushing around on friday transporting the precious cargo of framed prints to the gallery. My journey to windsor via backroads is a route i know well and tend to go a bit too fast on some of the bendy roads but I had to stop myself a number of times and remind myself that there was a lot of glass in the boot. $br $br The window dressed and frames up on the wall, my work here was done. Click the link below to see some pictures of the outside and inside of the gallery.