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Broken Chairs

Sometimes while out photographing, nature doesn’t behave
you end up getting somewhere and its raining and miserable and have a hard enough time making yourself get out of the car, let alone be inspired to press the shutter

I thought that this was one of those days, even while I was taking pictures, I didnt think this set was going to come out very well. Actually the dark gloomy nature of the light ended up giving some very atmospheric photos.
I would be more inclined to go out in miserable weather if I always got shots like these

Marine Workshops

The day was wet with a continuous drizzle and the early morning drive down to the coast was a long one. The first photo stop proved to be a no-go and so it was a a great relief to see inside (and the dryness) of this place. It was used for fixing boats and a lot of the place had been stripped.
There was another workshop which had been taken over by pigeons – lots of pigeons

The colours in these workshops were bright in places, even in the dark corners and beneath the muted light coming through the broken windows.