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A new home

I have set up a new wordpress blog on my domain and so I wont be updating this anymore
if you still want to follow my posts then please go to



Under the towers

This was taken in a small grubby room at the end of a walkway underneath towering silos
it was an old brewery in Italy and this particular morning the place was bathed in an orange glow from the sunrise


One more from the Italian villa
this one looks even more intricate than the last one


Bath Time

Abandoned villa in Italy


The Counting machine

An old totalling machine found in the offices of an abandoned textile factory


Five days in Italy

Sometimes I reflect on my hobby and it does seem a little crazy
5 days in a car in Italy driving from Rome to Turin and some stunning scenery

Rome, Florence, Bologna, Turin – some of the most stunning cities (apparently) and I didnt get to see any of them
Instead I decide to seek out the abandoned and derelict places in the outskirts of these cities

Still it was an amazing trip, over 1500 kms some stories to tell and photos to share and memories which is the most important thing

stay tuned for the photos…


As the melody fades away

its always the things that would have given the greatest joy that look so sad when they are discarded