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A winding staircase in a public admin building in Luxembourg


Vibe Affordable Art Fair


My Republic images are featured at the Vibe Gallery for 2 weeks starting from the 31st January (and ending on the 12th February)
The opening night was nice, there is some great artwork there and its well worth a look. The great thing about shows like this is that there is a big variety of styles from painting to jewellery to collage to photography

Vibe Gallery
N001The Biscuit Factory
Tower Bridge Business Centre
100 Clements road
SE16 4DG

Aesthetica Art Prize

The Aesthetica Art prize is a long running competition which I had entered quite some time ago.
Before the end of last year, I had heard that I had made the first cut and then a week ago, they informed me that I had made the longlist of 100 artists which will be featured in the Anthology book that they publish.
Out of over 1500 entries, thats not bad going. My print was not shortlisted for the actual exhibition (only 8 were chosen) and none of the finalists were photographers so I dont feel too bad.


Anesthetic was taken in an abandoned hospital in Germany, this was an icy cold day and the hospital was in a snow covered woods just outside a small village.

The Pool

Theres something quite clincal about a swimming pool, white tiles and usually quite a light place. An empty pool however is quite strange, being able to walk around the bottom with the plastic lane dividers floating above your head while your footsteps echo around the room!

the pool

The Hallway

This damp and dusky hallway was actually in a manor house quite nearby to me which makes a change, normally places are quite a trek to get to. This was one of those early starts where the end location was not really that inspiring, either that or I was just not feeling it that day which actually happens more times than you may think.

I always manage to get one or 2 shots which i am pleased with though and this was the one from that day, you can almost smell the damp carpet being warmed by the early morning sun which is what i was trying to capture.


The hanging

Quite an odd title, which gives the impression of an finality of sorts, and thats kind of what it is. Months and months of work and then all of a sudden, the things that had taken over your life and home have disappeared and are adorning the walls of another.
The house felt quiet and still when i returned last night.

on the positive side though, the prints are now up at the Tobacco Factory and they look really good, just about the right size which i was worried about, just enough in terms of numbers (which i was also worried about) – The metal set aside from the brickwork let them blend as well as stand out which and in such a big space, it was always going to be difficult to get everything to work together.

the opening reception is on Thursday which although i am still a bit nervous about, im confident that it will be a great night


My blog has been neglected a little of late, much like the hoovering in my house, this is mainly because all available floorspace (in my house) has been taken up with metal panels in order to get them ready for exhibition time next week.
The preparation involves all manner of intoxicating chemicals, industrial spray paint, lacquer (thats the varnish and not the drink) and contact adhesive which is especially potent. Ive found myself going out for walks late in the evening to try and clear my head a little, but most of that is done now and its just left to fit the frames together ready for hanging.

The press releases went out and nice printed cards which have met with very little success, it always surprises me how difficult it is to get any engagement from arty folk, its probably half due to my lack of experience with marketing, something that I have always found difficult and probably due to the amount of stuff that get sent out to people, Still – I hope they were responsibly recycled. In contrast to the tumbleweeds from some of the galleries, there has been some really positive responses which really makes all of it worth it and I think that the opening night is gearing up to be a very interesting night.

The opening reception is next Thursday (5th September) at the Tobacco Factory in Bristol and I will be there to show and answer questions about the work.

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