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LumenPrize 2014

the lumen prize shortlist 2014

My digital artwork “Angels and Demons” made it to the shortlist for the lumenprize 2014 which im over the moon about.
its a collection of images taken in various places around Belgium and especially highlights the difference in modern architecture and the old buildings that made up most of the industrial areas of the country

There is a public vote and I don’t normally like these processes but if you dont mind helping me out and taking a few mins to register and vote I would appreciate it (but only if you like the image)

Any winnings from this will be donated to charity

the url for public voting is : http://lumenprize.com/user/register

The Lumen Prize Exhibition celebrates the very best art created digitally. Our goal is to focus the world’s attention on this exciting genre of art through an annual competition and global tour of the works selected by our eminent panel of judges.


RPS 157th print exhibition

My Image ‘Dwelling’ was chosen for the 157th RPS international print exhibition from over 6,600 images that were submitted from photographers in 72 countries worldwide.

The annual RPS International Print Exhibition is now in its 157th year, and is the longest standing exhibition of its kind in the world, having been held almost every year since 1854. Anyone can enter and everyone has an equal chance of their work being selected.


Touring Schedule

31 July – 28 Aug. Berkeley Gallery, Greenwich Heritage Centre, London
6 Sept – 8 Nov. Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Wales
22 Nov – 10 Jan 2015. Banbury Museum & Art Gallery, near Oxford 2015
16 Jan – 15 Feb. Royal Albert Hall, London (Open days TBC)
14 March – 10 May. Shire Hall Gallery, Stafford
4 – 30 Jun Waterfront Hall, Belfast (Belfast Photo Festival)

more ozzy animals : Kangeroo

The other animal that I wanted to see as part of my trip to Oz was obviously a Kangeroo, Couldnt come all this way and miss out on that

These were at a nature reserve (although I did see a few wild ones which were unfortunately by the side of the road)


Malaysia pt1

The arrival to Kuala Lumper airport after a long flight with a hectic stopover in Dubai where we were marched from one gate to the next to connect to the waiting plane. It soon transpired that although we had made it to KL, our luggage had decided that it would stay at Heathrow!!
We made it to the hotel with the understanding that our suitcases were on the next plane and would be delivered to the hotel that evening.
The hotel overlooked the famous Petronas twin towers which were amazing – 2 spires of glass and steel looked like something straight out of a CGI’d sci-fi film.
The arty hotel was nice although I was not really appreciating it at that point in time. We decided to take a wander around the towers and visit the shopping mall as it was air conditioned and I was still in my jeans from the plane ride.

The shopping centre was actually just like the big malls in England with mostly the same kinds of shops with the exception of quite a few more luxury brand names. The F1 was on this weekend and so there was quite a big Petronas and Mercedes stand in the main open area of the mall.
Outside the shopping centre and on our way back to the hotel which was only a matter of minutes away, we were met with a wall of rain – which is the best way I can think of describing it and it didnt look as though it was going to stop any time soon.
By the time we had gotten back to the hotel, I was drenched, It was like jumping into a lake fully clothed in heavy jeans and with my change of clothing currently being unloaded from another plane, things were not great… Damn you Emirates or more likely Heathrow for not putting the bags on the right plane.

So then I find myself ironing (I never iron) my clothes to try and steam them dry (this goes on for what seems like forever) – still cant believe im ironing but to be fair, once they got to the “just damp” stage, they were quite nicely ironed (not that this is going to change my mind about the need of an iron)

we went up to the bar which had a balcony which overlooked the towers and got a great view of the rain which still poured down in one continuous sheet.


The view was almost worth it, our bags arrived at 10pm and was a very welcomed sight indeed! the trip can only get better after this start…

The towers looking like Gotham

A trip to Hogwarts pt1

A christmas present to my niece and nephews was all the excuse we needed to visit the Warner Bros studios.

Its very refreshing these days when you go to somewhere and the its just simple – there was just the right amount of technology there, and for the best part, you were free to wander around the amazing sets and use your imagination to dive into your memories of the films. Not like some of the places where everything is made to wow you with “interactivity”

The tour starts in a cinema where there is a 10 min film by the main cast telling you of their lives while filming and then the doors open into the main banquet hall of Hogwarts.

Death Eater
Death Eater

The sets are stunning, so much detail which is almost lost in the short scenes of the films. There is a big open part to the first hall with the Hogwards common room, Dumbledores office, the potion classroom and loads of other scenes.

The Leaky Caldron
The Leaky Caldron
Each of the potion bottles were hand written, books and newspapers were individually detailed, it was one of the reasons why the books were such a success, JK Rowling’s superb attention to detail.

Potion Class
Potion Class

Bottled Magic
Magic in bottles

The Clock Tower
The clock

Dumbledores Office
Dumbledores office

The Chamber of Secrets
The Chamber of Secrets

Ministry Of Magic
Ministry of Magic

The Diagon alley sets were stunning as well, walking through between the shops, it was easy to imagine how excited you would be seeing it for the first time, each one of the wand boxes in Olivanders was also hand written.

Diagon Alley
Diagon Alley

Diagon Alley
Diagon Alley


Vibe Affordable Art Fair


My Republic images are featured at the Vibe Gallery for 2 weeks starting from the 31st January (and ending on the 12th February)
The opening night was nice, there is some great artwork there and its well worth a look. The great thing about shows like this is that there is a big variety of styles from painting to jewellery to collage to photography

Vibe Gallery
N001The Biscuit Factory
Tower Bridge Business Centre
100 Clements road
SE16 4DG

seeing double

Sometimes an image needs a little bit of help
The last image on this post is a fake picture, its fairly obvious that it is, but the image that I had in my mind when I entered this place was one of a science fiction lair or some sort of grand futuristic chamber.
The narrow walkway and difficult lighting conditions meant that I felt that my photo didnt do the place justice. So this was the process that I went through to end up with the final image

The original Photo:
The original Image

I was playing around with this and flipped it, and hey, it worked, thats a bit more like what I had in my mind.


There were parts of the image which didnt work in flip mode, the signs and text would be back to front so i cloned these out on the flipped side


Then to add some depth, i darkened the highlights on one side of the image


Finally I was left with : Neptunes Chamber