Doel, a town in limbo between demolition and dereliction

Doel is a small town north of Antwerp and on the bank of the Scheldt and beneath the shadow of the nuclear power plant. It was marked for demolition to make way for a new shipping container terminal, usual story – most move out – town falls into disrepair, plans are shelved – town falls further into disrepair. By now only a small number of the original residents remained.
First came the squatters and travelers, then came the street artists and even a save the town collective in the form of doel2020
the future is still uncertain, it was decided that it would be demolished anyway in 2009 – container terminal or not.

I made a solo visit here and it was quite odd walking around. a very quiet, almost wild west atmosphere and the murals on the walls and windows followed you around in places. I met a few other photographers here, its quite a popular place for this and its easy to see why. I kept this one in B&W to give it more of a gritty feel to it

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