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The Fountain

Sometimes what you find while driving around is quite bizarre, and even more bizarre is where you find them
This looked to have been an elaborate water fountain, tiered basins at the top of the pyramid would have spilled out and out until it reached the base where it would spill down over the 4 sided brick channels before following a channel into a shallow circular pool below.

This would not be an unusual site if I told you that it was in a town centre in Barcelona or London or even any large city, but in actual fact, this was out in the middle of nowhere and surrounded on all sides by dried up desert, rocks and the kind of trees that live for centuries on a drop of water.



Exploring in the snow

Here in the UK, we dont do extreme weather very well at all, the first sign of snow and the country seems to grind to a stop, it was around this time last year during a mini photo trip to Belgium that it started to snow heavily on the road from Calais to Ghent. The usual snow panic kicked in to start with but once you are actually forced to carry on then its not so bad.
This old park was the final destination on the trip and the snow still covered the ground but the white skies had given way to the crisp blues of a winter sky, making the the park look like a land out of a fairy tale.
The park was made up of what I would call “child powered” rides, none of the electrical thrills of modern parks but swings, slides and roundabouts although on a larger scale to the kind of park thats found on housing estates and parks.
Originally opened in the 1950 and a series of accidents led to the decline of visitors and eventually to its closure in 2002.

It had quite a strange atmosphere. the access was easy because of a wide open entrance and it seemed that the town had just come to accept it as it was. There were a lot of kids playing on the barrels, couples walking around hand in hand and people out walking their dogs.

(I believe this has now been demolished)

Bunny in a barrel
Bunny in a barrel

The Carousel

Shooting Range
Shooting Range

Tree Slide
Tree Slide

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The weather was pretty good for the photograph that I wanted to capture for the day, or at least it was when I set out for the coast.
Dungeness is on the south east coast of England and is a strip of coast which is still for fishing and working boats are grounded next to old wrecks and rusty old machinery. At the far end of the shore is a massive nuclear powerstation which casts a gloomy shadow over a desolate, almost monochrome landscape.

The wind was icy, as was the rain which helped create the mood, even if it didnt help with finger functions – A heated grip would sometimes be a great addition to the camera. The final image was of one of the wrecks, almost silhouetted against a grey featureless sky

a place of emotional desolation

Yellowstone in Infrared

This is a video i did last year while in Yellowstone
the alien landscape through an infrared lens

this was one of the most amazing landscapes on earth and one of the best places that ive visited
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