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A small abandoned cottage which was completely trashed, it had obviously been like that for a long time and it was damp and didnt smell very nice at all.
The kitchen was just as bad, in fact the clutter and mess just to the right of the cooker was just awful although it did make my house look like its brand new – this was the only photo which came out decently from that place!



The Science Bit

This old wooden science cabinet was found in a university somewhere in Belgium that had been left abandoned. Some of the desks had science instruments and bottles of potions left. It was like my memories of science class and trying to set alight things with a bunsen burner


The Pool

Theres something quite clincal about a swimming pool, white tiles and usually quite a light place. An empty pool however is quite strange, being able to walk around the bottom with the plastic lane dividers floating above your head while your footsteps echo around the room!

the pool

The Hallway

This damp and dusky hallway was actually in a manor house quite nearby to me which makes a change, normally places are quite a trek to get to. This was one of those early starts where the end location was not really that inspiring, either that or I was just not feeling it that day which actually happens more times than you may think.

I always manage to get one or 2 shots which i am pleased with though and this was the one from that day, you can almost smell the damp carpet being warmed by the early morning sun which is what i was trying to capture.


Organ Donor

Sometimes, trudging around places full of decay and dirt isnt the most glamourous of things to do.
This particular place, a small church in the middle of a small town in Belgium was full of pigeons and looked and smelled as though it had been a home for them since the beginning of time.

The chapel was empty and even the crypt was exposed by a hole in the floor but up on the first level was this organ, still in place overlooking where the congregation would have stood and sung along to the hymns.

organ donor