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blog : Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2015

The Summer Exhibition is one of the highlights of the London art scene
An open competition which covers every 2d and 3d artform

The process involves a 3 stage judging process spread over several months, to say that my fingernails were bitten on the notification days would be an understatement.
I was ecstatic this year when on May 21st, I heard that both of my submissions would be hung in the exhibition, I was away on holiday at the time which is the same as 2 years ago when I was selected (last year I was at home and didnt get in) so will have to make sure im always away in May. It was my birthday as well which made the news even more special

Here are the prints that are being shown

This photo composite which in part takes its title from a Dj Shadow track [you tube] was taken in Tunisia at the actual film set prop used in Star Wars Episode IV.
These places were all found off the beaten track, no signposts or markings which would give away their locations and thankfully no giftshops to be seen at all. I had all the locations printed out on paper before I went there which helped a lot. Actually seeing these in real life is like every kids dreams and I was no different.

This image was taken in an abandoned theatre in Belgium, the cold and silent building was a stark contrast to how it would have been with music and dance filling the hall. The single row of chairs facing the fallen curtain enhances the sense of emptiness.



and some photos from the exhibition
The hanging position was great too, Curtain Call was quite high but it was above a really interesting piece where somebody had created a streetmap of london with just the street names
so it will hopefully still get seen




This was one of the houses on our short trip of Italy
I wasnt really prepared for the interior of the grand looking mansion on the top of a hill
but the whole 1st level was room upon room of intricate mosaic filled splendour
there were rooms all in white, colour and everything in between


The Staircase

A grand staircase, or at least it was
This was a revisit to a house that a few months ago had a grand banister running down the staircase, now the place was wrecked, vandals had ruined the murals as well as the elaborate woodwork that was found in the other roomw

LumenPrize 2014

the lumen prize shortlist 2014

My digital artwork “Angels and Demons” made it to the shortlist for the lumenprize 2014 which im over the moon about.
its a collection of images taken in various places around Belgium and especially highlights the difference in modern architecture and the old buildings that made up most of the industrial areas of the country

There is a public vote and I don’t normally like these processes but if you dont mind helping me out and taking a few mins to register and vote I would appreciate it (but only if you like the image)

Any winnings from this will be donated to charity

the url for public voting is : http://lumenprize.com/user/register

The Lumen Prize Exhibition celebrates the very best art created digitally. Our goal is to focus the world’s attention on this exciting genre of art through an annual competition and global tour of the works selected by our eminent panel of judges.

Malaysia pt1

The arrival to Kuala Lumper airport after a long flight with a hectic stopover in Dubai where we were marched from one gate to the next to connect to the waiting plane. It soon transpired that although we had made it to KL, our luggage had decided that it would stay at Heathrow!!
We made it to the hotel with the understanding that our suitcases were on the next plane and would be delivered to the hotel that evening.
The hotel overlooked the famous Petronas twin towers which were amazing – 2 spires of glass and steel looked like something straight out of a CGI’d sci-fi film.
The arty hotel was nice although I was not really appreciating it at that point in time. We decided to take a wander around the towers and visit the shopping mall as it was air conditioned and I was still in my jeans from the plane ride.

The shopping centre was actually just like the big malls in England with mostly the same kinds of shops with the exception of quite a few more luxury brand names. The F1 was on this weekend and so there was quite a big Petronas and Mercedes stand in the main open area of the mall.
Outside the shopping centre and on our way back to the hotel which was only a matter of minutes away, we were met with a wall of rain – which is the best way I can think of describing it and it didnt look as though it was going to stop any time soon.
By the time we had gotten back to the hotel, I was drenched, It was like jumping into a lake fully clothed in heavy jeans and with my change of clothing currently being unloaded from another plane, things were not great… Damn you Emirates or more likely Heathrow for not putting the bags on the right plane.

So then I find myself ironing (I never iron) my clothes to try and steam them dry (this goes on for what seems like forever) – still cant believe im ironing but to be fair, once they got to the “just damp” stage, they were quite nicely ironed (not that this is going to change my mind about the need of an iron)

we went up to the bar which had a balcony which overlooked the towers and got a great view of the rain which still poured down in one continuous sheet.


The view was almost worth it, our bags arrived at 10pm and was a very welcomed sight indeed! the trip can only get better after this start…

The towers looking like Gotham