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Aesthetica Art Prize

The Aesthetica Art prize is a long running competition which I had entered quite some time ago.
Before the end of last year, I had heard that I had made the first cut and then a week ago, they informed me that I had made the longlist of 100 artists which will be featured in the Anthology book that they publish.
Out of over 1500 entries, thats not bad going. My print was not shortlisted for the actual exhibition (only 8 were chosen) and none of the finalists were photographers so I dont feel too bad.


Anesthetic was taken in an abandoned hospital in Germany, this was an icy cold day and the hospital was in a snow covered woods just outside a small village.


New year, New lineup

Everyone goes through the “new year, new me” thing. I think thats just human nature
This year for me, does feel a bit different though I must admit

At the end of last year, I took the decision to sell all of my Canon gear which was based around my 5Dmk2 which I had for quite a while but I was never happy with the dynamic range (or lack of it) and the red noise problem which seemed to plague my low light shots!

I have just got my Fuji X-E1 back from the IR workshop and now is fitted with a dual spectrum hotmirror (it cuts out all the light band above UV) My initial test with this, even on a dull day like today were outstanding, the sharpness of the Fuji system is worlds apart from my previous full spectrum Olympus EP2 – I cant wait to get some sunshine now

So the camera lineup for 2014 is :
Sony A7r
– Voigtlander 21mm F1.8
– Canon FD 50mm F1.8
– Contax 28mm T* F2.8

Fuji X-E1 (dual spectrum conversion)
– 18-55mm
– 14mm F2.8
– 55-200mm

The surprising thing for me is the lack of zoom lenses, especially for the Sony, but ive been loving the old lenses so much that actually having a zoom lens doesnt appeal at the moment – the Canon lens especially was an ebay buy and is an absolute gem of a lens on the 7R and for £30, it looks and feels better than any of my older EF lenses ever did

Church – Jpeg straight of of the camera
A7R, Canon 50mm FD
Bedham Church

Church – IR 595 Red filter, converted to mono and fog added to highlights
X-E1, 14mm FX
Bedham Church IR