Monthly Archives: December 2014

Micro Landscapes

This is fresh from a post christmas outing today
although it looks like a night scene, this was a very underexposed image of a shaft of sunlight in a derelict brickworks
lots of bricks with moss and plants growing in between them just caught the light at the right time and it came out like this



One of the reasons that Star Wars doesnt look like its dated is that they took traditional looking architecture and inspiration from the native surrounds of Tunisia and then added futuristic looking doors and computer panels to this
It was actually really interesting seeing these up close, what looked like randomly attached pipes and circuit boards but when you see it on the film, it really works giving the scenes an otherworldly futuristic but also old world feel to them

These arent the droids your looking for

More from the starwars set
this is part of the Mos Eisley set in the middle of the desert


Lukes House

The small hut used for part of the filming for lukes house in star wars episode IV


220 volts

Some boxes and switches found in an abandoned power station in France


The Ballroom

the entrance to the ballroom in an abandoned hotel
parquet floor always looks quite picturesque when its scattered across the floor


Broken Chairs

Sometimes while out photographing, nature doesn’t behave
you end up getting somewhere and its raining and miserable and have a hard enough time making yourself get out of the car, let alone be inspired to press the shutter

I thought that this was one of those days, even while I was taking pictures, I didnt think this set was going to come out very well. Actually the dark gloomy nature of the light ended up giving some very atmospheric photos.
I would be more inclined to go out in miserable weather if I always got shots like these