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more ozzy animals : Kangeroo

The other animal that I wanted to see as part of my trip to Oz was obviously a Kangeroo, Couldnt come all this way and miss out on that

These were at a nature reserve (although I did see a few wild ones which were unfortunately by the side of the road)



The baby Orangutan and the fly

There seems to be an overload of wildlife photo’s, normal service will be resumed shortly 🙂

I have discovered quickly that with wildlife, the photos that you get have one heck of a “chance” element to them, out of all of my Orangutan pictures its this that highlights this the most.
The one photo where the fly is actually visible and the baby looks like he has just noticed it. There was no way that I would have seen this but it was such a surprise seeing it on my computer screen.


I will upload some more of this set, but there are some more photos uploaded here at lensculture.com

Vibe Affordable Art Fair


My Republic images are featured at the Vibe Gallery for 2 weeks starting from the 31st January (and ending on the 12th February)
The opening night was nice, there is some great artwork there and its well worth a look. The great thing about shows like this is that there is a big variety of styles from painting to jewellery to collage to photography

Vibe Gallery
N001The Biscuit Factory
Tower Bridge Business Centre
100 Clements road
SE16 4DG

The Empire Strikes back

The Landscape Exhibition at Worchester Museum and Art Gallery is now open!

This is my photograph thats on display, the first from the fine art Republic series which im currently working on which will hopefully end with an exhibition sometime next year
printed on 300gms art rag, this gives the print a watercolour feel to it which for these images especially suits the subject

more images will be posted here : darrennisbett.co.uk

Moisture Vaporisers

The exhibition is on now at The Old Library Space at The City Museum and Art Gallery in Foregate Street Worcester
from the 7th to 28th December 2013

Worchester Contemporary Landscape Exhibition

Something a little different for December. I wouldn’t describe myself as a Landscape photographer so being picked for this one was a bit of a shock, especially after seeing a few of the other exhibitors websites and there are some serious landscapes on there.

But hopefully my print will look OK alongside these and being just before christmas, may even tempt a few buyers as well (image to follow once its mounted)


The exhibition will take place in The Old Library Space at The City Museum and Art Gallery in Foregate Street Worcester from the 7th to 28th December 2013

The Science Bit

This old wooden science cabinet was found in a university somewhere in Belgium that had been left abandoned. Some of the desks had science instruments and bottles of potions left. It was like my memories of science class and trying to set alight things with a bunsen burner


Heavy Metal

The North West Pacific Railroad was started in the late 1800s as an enterprise between the Santa Fe and Southern Pacific railroads
it was in 1995 when the Southern Pacific officially sold the last of the line and the trains stopped running north of Willits where my journey began…

Actually, my journey began in San Francisco, on one heck of a windy and very very wet day, I wasnt impressed especially coming over from a windy and wet England and expecting some sunshine!
Having upgraded my hire car to a 4×4 (just incase I would get blown off the Golden Gate bridge) I set the footwell heaters to MAX in an attempt to dry off my soaking feet and legs. I made my way out of the city and headed North, up to Willits.

Golden Gate Bridge

The rain had been pretty consistant on the drive up the interstate road although there were no torrents of water for the 4×4 to contend with and my feet were at least starting to dry out (canvas trainers were not the right footwear for this occasion and would find themselves being discarded before my flight back home)

The trains which I had traveled to see stood looking lonely on an overgrown patch of track and surrounded by… yes… a metal heras fence *damn*

Freight Trains

I made the most of this distraction but it was very disappointing, it was too close to the trains as well so it was difficult to get any images without it in view.


Freight Train

There was a maintenance engine around to the rear which wasn’t part of the big ring fencing and I got some shots of this, but it was the engines that i was truly after.

close ups

I was at this point thinking that the day was going to be one for failures.

The journey back (having soaked my feet again in the wet overgrowth and boggy ground around the trains) took me to my final destination for the day.
It was on this route that I came across road closures (upon road closures) due to flooding, so much for escaping the water, and yes even closed to 4x4s! *refund?*

By the time that I had gotten to the trains, walked down the tracks and ignoring the warning signposts and a very excitable dog, the weather had cleared and the blue sky was giving way to a softer tint as the sun made its way towards the horizon.
It was here that the day would get better

The orange light fell on the earthy tones of the rusty hulk and made the engines almost glow!


The trains are stationary with only fields and the rolling hills surrounding it, a solemn air as i walked around the train taking in the views and taking the photos as the sun set further into the horizon

The rain had created pools of reflections around the engine and my final image from the day and one that made it all worth it was this one.

So the moral of this day was that, even if the day starts out with torrential rains… sometimes it pays to stick with it.

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