Monthly Archives: May 2012

Hanging the exhibition

After picking up the hire van this morning, i started to load up the packages. I had ran out of duct tape when i was packing them up and thought it would hold but this morning, the tape had lost its stickiness and the cardboard was falling apart, the big wooden frame that i made was slightly too big for the van and it broke when i put the other prints on top of it

A swift stop at homebase and 2 rolls of duct tape later, the contents of the van were secure(ish) and so i started the trip to Oxford.

I had seen the walls of the Jam Factory with art work on it and it looked big then… seeing the bare walls this morning was quite a shock, were my prints going to fill this up?

unpacking the prints was an easy task as they just fell apart
placing the prints was straightforward, the area is split into 2 rooms, one smaller but more airy and a bigger area. The larger prints were hung in the smaller area and the other prints arranged in the bigger area with the industrial series separated from the experimental series

it took a good few hours and lots of hammering and drilling but all 22 prints found a home on the walls
some pics will follow after the preview night


exhibition starts tomorrow

Its been a long journey to this point but its arrived like a bullet train in the end.
I thought this weekend would be full of last minute panic and a rush to finish everything but actually, I find myself all organised and ready. The prints are packaged up as best as i can and ready for transport, the mini van is booked for tomorrow morning and so long as everything goes well hopefully i will be able to get them there in one piece and unharmed
then there’s just the small matter of hanging them. I think that Ive got enough to give myself some options as I haven’t thought too much about the hanging plan except for a rough idea of which prints go together
tomorrow will be an exciting day!

Art fair

I’m hanging a few prints at parallax art fair tomorrow in Chelsea old town hall.
All the fixtures are done, have to find some labels from somewhere though and it means trekking into London carrying the heavy prints