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It all goes quiet

a bit like the end of a great night out
the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition finishing is like the quiet journey home with the sound of music still ringing in your ears.

its been a heck of a few weeks watching the virtual dots be added to the picture and I got to go there for the last day to take a picture of my print with its sold out sticker
its a bit sad I know but this may never happen again (although I hope that it does) so I am allowing myself a bit of indulgence!

now there is a bit of calm and some time to work out what the hell I will put in for next year… no idea at the moment

RA you cant go home again

RA edition sold out

With a few weeks left
my edition of 25 you cant go home again print has sold out

when I submitted my image to the Royal Academy competition back in April, I had approached it like other years, a case of sending these images and seeing how they go.
I always have it in the back of my mind that these could be selected and sold and bought but it still surprises me – firstly that it got this far and was part of the exhibition and also that so many people have chosen it to put up on their wall

Its been great speaking to the buyers and finding out what drew them to the image – it reminds me that buying art is so personal, everyones reasons for liking it are different
It also makes me feel more focussed, that can just carry on doing what I am doing and letting others find their own meanings behind them

blog : Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2015

The Summer Exhibition is one of the highlights of the London art scene
An open competition which covers every 2d and 3d artform

The process involves a 3 stage judging process spread over several months, to say that my fingernails were bitten on the notification days would be an understatement.
I was ecstatic this year when on May 21st, I heard that both of my submissions would be hung in the exhibition, I was away on holiday at the time which is the same as 2 years ago when I was selected (last year I was at home and didnt get in) so will have to make sure im always away in May. It was my birthday as well which made the news even more special

Here are the prints that are being shown

This photo composite which in part takes its title from a Dj Shadow track [you tube] was taken in Tunisia at the actual film set prop used in Star Wars Episode IV.
These places were all found off the beaten track, no signposts or markings which would give away their locations and thankfully no giftshops to be seen at all. I had all the locations printed out on paper before I went there which helped a lot. Actually seeing these in real life is like every kids dreams and I was no different.

This image was taken in an abandoned theatre in Belgium, the cold and silent building was a stark contrast to how it would have been with music and dance filling the hall. The single row of chairs facing the fallen curtain enhances the sense of emptiness.



and some photos from the exhibition
The hanging position was great too, Curtain Call was quite high but it was above a really interesting piece where somebody had created a streetmap of london with just the street names
so it will hopefully still get seen



This was one of the houses on our short trip of Italy
I wasnt really prepared for the interior of the grand looking mansion on the top of a hill
but the whole 1st level was room upon room of intricate mosaic filled splendour
there were rooms all in white, colour and everything in between