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Five days in Italy

Sometimes I reflect on my hobby and it does seem a little crazy
5 days in a car in Italy driving from Rome to Turin and some stunning scenery

Rome, Florence, Bologna, Turin – some of the most stunning cities (apparently) and I didnt get to see any of them
Instead I decide to seek out the abandoned and derelict places in the outskirts of these cities

Still it was an amazing trip, over 1500 kms some stories to tell and photos to share and memories which is the most important thing

stay tuned for the photos…


LumenPrize 2014

the lumen prize shortlist 2014

My digital artwork “Angels and Demons” made it to the shortlist for the lumenprize 2014 which im over the moon about.
its a collection of images taken in various places around Belgium and especially highlights the difference in modern architecture and the old buildings that made up most of the industrial areas of the country

There is a public vote and I don’t normally like these processes but if you dont mind helping me out and taking a few mins to register and vote I would appreciate it (but only if you like the image)

Any winnings from this will be donated to charity

the url for public voting is : http://lumenprize.com/user/register

The Lumen Prize Exhibition celebrates the very best art created digitally. Our goal is to focus the world’s attention on this exciting genre of art through an annual competition and global tour of the works selected by our eminent panel of judges.

Koala bears

Its over a week into the Australia part of my extended holiday and im way behind in my blogging, and photo organisation for that matter.

So forward winding past Borneo and KL and Melbourne and some abandoned houses which will all be written up soon.
Yesterday we went to Philip Island and saw some of the Australian wildlife, Kangeroos, Wombats and these cuddly looking critters, which I have found out sleep alot!


A trip to Hogwarts pt1

A christmas present to my niece and nephews was all the excuse we needed to visit the Warner Bros studios.

Its very refreshing these days when you go to somewhere and the its just simple – there was just the right amount of technology there, and for the best part, you were free to wander around the amazing sets and use your imagination to dive into your memories of the films. Not like some of the places where everything is made to wow you with “interactivity”

The tour starts in a cinema where there is a 10 min film by the main cast telling you of their lives while filming and then the doors open into the main banquet hall of Hogwarts.

Death Eater
Death Eater

The sets are stunning, so much detail which is almost lost in the short scenes of the films. There is a big open part to the first hall with the Hogwards common room, Dumbledores office, the potion classroom and loads of other scenes.

The Leaky Caldron
The Leaky Caldron
Each of the potion bottles were hand written, books and newspapers were individually detailed, it was one of the reasons why the books were such a success, JK Rowling’s superb attention to detail.

Potion Class
Potion Class

Bottled Magic
Magic in bottles

The Clock Tower
The clock

Dumbledores Office
Dumbledores office

The Chamber of Secrets
The Chamber of Secrets

Ministry Of Magic
Ministry of Magic

The Diagon alley sets were stunning as well, walking through between the shops, it was easy to imagine how excited you would be seeing it for the first time, each one of the wand boxes in Olivanders was also hand written.

Diagon Alley
Diagon Alley

Diagon Alley
Diagon Alley



The weather was pretty good for the photograph that I wanted to capture for the day, or at least it was when I set out for the coast.
Dungeness is on the south east coast of England and is a strip of coast which is still for fishing and working boats are grounded next to old wrecks and rusty old machinery. At the far end of the shore is a massive nuclear powerstation which casts a gloomy shadow over a desolate, almost monochrome landscape.

The wind was icy, as was the rain which helped create the mood, even if it didnt help with finger functions – A heated grip would sometimes be a great addition to the camera. The final image was of one of the wrecks, almost silhouetted against a grey featureless sky

a place of emotional desolation

From the Mist

The second outing while in San francisco was on the last Saturday, driving in the opposite direction this time over the great span and impressive structure of the Bay bridge.
By the time I had arrived at the destination, the blue skies were no more as a thick bay area fog had swallowed up the whole area, if a covert entrance was actually needed then it would have been perfect.
A short walk by the train track and I could see the massive storage towers emerge from the grey.
I was getting accustomed to soggy feet by now, my choice of footwear for this trip was frankly ridiculous and my canvas trainers would have to be disposed of later on that day.
The cement works was reduced to a ruin consisting of the towers, a circular barn type building and 2 larger buildings which would have been the main building, now just walls and foundation structs.

The fog gave the place an eerie and claustrophobic feel, especially when you are wandering around alone in the silence. My camera set to monochrome mode, I went about trying to capture this sense of solitude.
The floor of the barns interior was covered with a thick layer of sludge, I had given up trying to keep my feet dry by this point though, the roof in contrast though was dizzying, a spiders web which looked almost kaleidoscopic with the grey sky visible through the deteriorated wood.


The ruins

The ruins

The ruins

The ruins

Abney Park (Magnificent Seven)

Abney park originated in the eighteenth century, formerly one of the ‘magnificent seven’ garden cemeteries of London which were created to alleviate overcrowding in existing parish burial grounds.
Abney Park is now a woodland memorial park and Local Nature Reserve, ivy and other plants grow over and around the memorial stones which are falling over with the pressure of the foliage and the subsidence of time

Theres something quite tranquil about walking around these cemeteries, even though there is a sense that you are walking around memories and sacred ground, you never feel as though you shouldn’t actually be there (they are also quite photogenic in places)