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Tobacco Factory – Bristol 2013

On Tuesday I went to Bristol to see the art director at the tobacco factory, I always like going back to bristol, I was born there and frequently spent time there growing up, so in a whimsical way – taking the exhibition there would be quite meaningful.

Past the SS Great Britain, the Tobacco factory was quite an impressive big brick building, the bar interior, bright and airy. This was the first time that my latest set of prints have been shown to anyone so i was quite nervous about this too. Luckily they were received well. There is a bit of a waiting list there so the exhibition will be in the second half of 2013, should be enough time to sort out something special for them.


Echoes for Company

The new exhibition set started out from a few prints that I did for the brick lane exhibition last year. Aluminium is a great medium to work with, I was worried about the expense and the fact that the prints are a lot less predictable, especially with the process of painting and scratching of the metal beforehand, I thought that any wastage would have quickly added up.
One of the great things though is the fact that if the prints come out badly, then some water and a scoured, soon get the metal back to the state that it was in before going through the printer.

I love the fact that the prints have a chaos element too, the paint and the metal combine to help create the image as much as the photoshop file that gets sent to the printer
Finally seeing the image emerge from the printer is like unwrapping a surprise that you have been building up for weeks.



So I have just updated the blog to use WordPress and I probably should have done it this way to begin with! I can now easily use italics and bold and even colours (ok im easily amused) it should be alot easier to upload photos now as well

First explore of the year

Well not exactly the first explore, but definitely the first successful one (and the coldest), the drive was going really well, we had arrived early at the tunnel and the roads were clear. Past Dunkirk though and the snow started to fall, big heavy flakes too. hoping that this was just a flurry was too optimistic and by the time we arrived in Ghent, the floor was covered with a thick layer of snow.

Ghent itself was extremely pretty, especially with the snow, it looked like something straight out of a christmas card, tall intricate spires and beautiful old buildings. The first real belgium beer went down really well.