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The baby Orangutan and the fly

There seems to be an overload of wildlife photo’s, normal service will be resumed shortly 🙂

I have discovered quickly that with wildlife, the photos that you get have one heck of a “chance” element to them, out of all of my Orangutan pictures its this that highlights this the most.
The one photo where the fly is actually visible and the baby looks like he has just noticed it. There was no way that I would have seen this but it was such a surprise seeing it on my computer screen.


I will upload some more of this set, but there are some more photos uploaded here at


A trip to Hogwarts pt1

A christmas present to my niece and nephews was all the excuse we needed to visit the Warner Bros studios.

Its very refreshing these days when you go to somewhere and the its just simple – there was just the right amount of technology there, and for the best part, you were free to wander around the amazing sets and use your imagination to dive into your memories of the films. Not like some of the places where everything is made to wow you with “interactivity”

The tour starts in a cinema where there is a 10 min film by the main cast telling you of their lives while filming and then the doors open into the main banquet hall of Hogwarts.

Death Eater
Death Eater

The sets are stunning, so much detail which is almost lost in the short scenes of the films. There is a big open part to the first hall with the Hogwards common room, Dumbledores office, the potion classroom and loads of other scenes.

The Leaky Caldron
The Leaky Caldron
Each of the potion bottles were hand written, books and newspapers were individually detailed, it was one of the reasons why the books were such a success, JK Rowling’s superb attention to detail.

Potion Class
Potion Class

Bottled Magic
Magic in bottles

The Clock Tower
The clock

Dumbledores Office
Dumbledores office

The Chamber of Secrets
The Chamber of Secrets

Ministry Of Magic
Ministry of Magic

The Diagon alley sets were stunning as well, walking through between the shops, it was easy to imagine how excited you would be seeing it for the first time, each one of the wand boxes in Olivanders was also hand written.

Diagon Alley
Diagon Alley

Diagon Alley
Diagon Alley


The Empire Strikes back

The Landscape Exhibition at Worchester Museum and Art Gallery is now open!

This is my photograph thats on display, the first from the fine art Republic series which im currently working on which will hopefully end with an exhibition sometime next year
printed on 300gms art rag, this gives the print a watercolour feel to it which for these images especially suits the subject

more images will be posted here :

Moisture Vaporisers

The exhibition is on now at The Old Library Space at The City Museum and Art Gallery in Foregate Street Worcester
from the 7th to 28th December 2013

Probably (hopefully) the last camera that i will buy

A bit of a techie post to end off the week
I watched the announcement of the new sony camera a few months ago with great interest and since then I have been trying to decide whether or not to go ahead and get one

my recent change over to the Fuji X-E1 had pretty much rendered my Canon 5D mk2 into the background and I was almost at the stage of selling everything. The X-E1 is now going to take its place as my IR camera.

I had almost made up my mind before going to the camera shop, but actually having a go on it made my decision for me!

I picked up the new camera last week, the 36 megapixel Sony A7R and ordered a leica mount adaptor and Voigtlander 21mm F1.8 lens. Together the camera looks like a lump of solid metal and feels it too. Its not heavier than my DSLR but it just feels weighty. the manual focus of the lens just feels right with this camera and the few times that I have been out and used it has felt like photography should – its hard to actually describe it but it feels more connected.
Manual focus is quite a difficult thing to get to grips with, maybe its partially a confidence thing – you get so used to technology doing things for you that you loose a grip on how things actually work.

I did however leave the camera on ISO 1600 all day!

Here were some of the results


The big grill


Bug eyes


A small abandoned cottage which was completely trashed, it had obviously been like that for a long time and it was damp and didnt smell very nice at all.
The kitchen was just as bad, in fact the clutter and mess just to the right of the cooker was just awful although it did make my house look like its brand new – this was the only photo which came out decently from that place!


The hanging

Quite an odd title, which gives the impression of an finality of sorts, and thats kind of what it is. Months and months of work and then all of a sudden, the things that had taken over your life and home have disappeared and are adorning the walls of another.
The house felt quiet and still when i returned last night.

on the positive side though, the prints are now up at the Tobacco Factory and they look really good, just about the right size which i was worried about, just enough in terms of numbers (which i was also worried about) – The metal set aside from the brickwork let them blend as well as stand out which and in such a big space, it was always going to be difficult to get everything to work together.

the opening reception is on Thursday which although i am still a bit nervous about, im confident that it will be a great night

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

Sometimes I dread opening mail, not often that it actually comes in a paper envelope, but everything is very properly done at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. It was Months ago that I took my prints into London to submit to the process, and although secretly hoping, I didn’t think that they would be selected. I watched the BBC2 program on the summer exhibition as well that showed the judging process and gave an idea of what a room with 13,000 pieces of art may look like, such a huge task to narrow it down.

After finding out that my prints were being held back, that was almost news enough. The news that both of my prints were to be hung in Burlington House in prestigious Piccadilly was just amazing! The place itself is big with lots of rooms, all showing fantastic artwork in all forms, its a real honour to be on the walls with them all.

Now in its 245th year, the Summer Exhibition remains a much anticipated highlight of the arts calendar, serving as a unique window on to all areas of the contemporary art world.
It is the world’s largest open-submission exhibition, displaying more than 1,000 works in all styles and media, including painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, architectural models and film.

The exhibition is showing between June 10th and 18 August 2013
Burlington House, Picadilly, London.


The Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2013

Exhibition news :