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Going international



My Print “Cathode Silence” has been juried into an upcoming exhibition in Portland Oregon, This is very exciting for me because it will be the first time that i will have been exhibited in another country

more details to follow

A photo from the gallery



Metropolis is an new and unusual series of prints or photo-assemblages of industrial machines, now derelict and without real function but still retaining their form and presence, The images have hints of sci-fi and old movie sets where heavy boxes, big dials and brightly coloured buttons betray their real use!

The images are printed on aluminium panels which are firstly ‘treated’ with spray paint, cleaning fluids and sandpaper to give a base which resembles a surface which could have been found in one of the abandoned places where the photographs were taken.
The process has been refined over the last few years, metal and paint shows through the image giving it an industrial feel and each panel is unique, it is not until all the printing and arranging is done that the final image is revealed.
The aluminium panels are combined together to create abstract shapes which stand out on the walls, they vary in size but some are over a meter in width


The prints merged seamlessly to the brickwork, maybe a little too well, it looked as though they were supposed to be there!!