Monthly Archives: October 2011

Heavy Metal

So as a new project starts, i have a load of sheet metal, all shiney waiting to be painted and scratched with scouring pads and wet/dry paper, the aim of which to making them look like scrap metal before putting them through the printer. my first couple of prototypes came out pretty good and its quite exciting working with a completely different medium… results to follow


Upcoming Exhibition

The fall of motorcity is underway, hopefully i will get something live in the next week or so$br$brI have another exhibition coming up at the end of next month, it will consist of a few of the infrared Chernobyl photos and also some from the Detroit project.$br Im playing around with printing on metal at the moment, the first test have been really exciting and these pictures if i can get them how i want them should look good when they are up on the wall of the gallery.