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neo:print prize

Both my submitted prints have made it through 2 judging stages and will be exhibited alongside the other finalists at neo:gallery 22 in Bolton.

I spend a lot of time preparing the aluminium with tender loving care… ok more like meticulously ruining it with sandpaper, kitchen cleaners, spray paint and more sandpaper before shoving it though my humble inkjet.
Having my prints along side traditional printing methods and some truly amazing pieces of work is really exciting.
I cant wait to see the exhibition.

neo:printprize is an open exhibition inviting work from artists of all ages and nationalities who practice contemporary visual art in the UK and intends to raise awareness of new trends and directions in printmaking by showcasing excellence and innovation in contemporary British printmaking.

Over 400 entries were received from all over the UK, from artists working in a variety of print media. An exhibition showcasing all shortlisted artists will be held in neo:gallery22, Bolton.

Thursday 13th September – Sunday 28th October 2012

Opening Times: Thurs – Sun, 11:00 – 17:00

neo:gallery 22

The Market Place,


The Coal Mine

Located what looked to be a sleepy town in the french speaking part of Belgium, I got the impression that the huge abandoned mine would have been the heart and soul of the people that lived there. In the crisp January morning with snow everywhere, it looked especially cold and uninviting here.

The previous day was spent in Leuven which is the home of Stella Artois… Well you couldnt visit there and not see if it tasted any different (and I wasnt sure after just one)

From the front, the mine looked quite secure, the entrance was creative to say the least and a long way round but theres always a sense of elation when it pays off. Climbing through the window of one of the changing rooms into a darkened maze of porcelain. This continued over several floors, just rows and rows of pegs and lockers.

The staircases were angular and masculine, a reflection of the almost gothic architecture of the outside of the building, very grand considering it was such a practical working place.
Other rooms included a charging room, a massive array of shelves which would have been used for charging the headlamps of the miners. The clocking in line and canteen area where the ice was thick on the floor (nearly broke the camera at this point) and other areas for the transportation of the coal to the lorries which would have lined up beneath the upper platforms. The huge tower which was probable the lift mechanism threw sharp shadows over the courtyard, at this point my fingers were starting to freeze up and it was time to grab a hot drink before traveling south to the area around Chateau Noisey.

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Letchworth Arts Centre

The exhibition is now up on the walls of the Letchworth Arts Centre.

Its amazing how changing the artwork on the wall can completely alter the mood of a room, when I arrived at the cafe part of the gallery it looked like any other coffee shop.

Compared to the large exhibition space that you have to walk through to get there from the back entrance, an art exhibition brightening up the walls the cafe looked dull and uninteresting when I arrived.
A few hours later with the aluminium prints on the walls, it had transformed from a ordinary looking coffee shop to an art space and at complete opposites to the bright paintings and pretty landscapes in the gallery next door

The prints are up at the cafe of the Arts Centre until the end of september

Letchworth Arts Centre
The Cafe
2 The Arcade
Letchworth Garden City