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more ozzy animals : Kangeroo

The other animal that I wanted to see as part of my trip to Oz was obviously a Kangeroo, Couldnt come all this way and miss out on that

These were at a nature reserve (although I did see a few wild ones which were unfortunately by the side of the road)



The baby Orangutan and the fly

There seems to be an overload of wildlife photo’s, normal service will be resumed shortly 🙂

I have discovered quickly that with wildlife, the photos that you get have one heck of a “chance” element to them, out of all of my Orangutan pictures its this that highlights this the most.
The one photo where the fly is actually visible and the baby looks like he has just noticed it. There was no way that I would have seen this but it was such a surprise seeing it on my computer screen.


I will upload some more of this set, but there are some more photos uploaded here at

Koala bears

Its over a week into the Australia part of my extended holiday and im way behind in my blogging, and photo organisation for that matter.

So forward winding past Borneo and KL and Melbourne and some abandoned houses which will all be written up soon.
Yesterday we went to Philip Island and saw some of the Australian wildlife, Kangeroos, Wombats and these cuddly looking critters, which I have found out sleep alot!


Malaysia pt1

The arrival to Kuala Lumper airport after a long flight with a hectic stopover in Dubai where we were marched from one gate to the next to connect to the waiting plane. It soon transpired that although we had made it to KL, our luggage had decided that it would stay at Heathrow!!
We made it to the hotel with the understanding that our suitcases were on the next plane and would be delivered to the hotel that evening.
The hotel overlooked the famous Petronas twin towers which were amazing – 2 spires of glass and steel looked like something straight out of a CGI’d sci-fi film.
The arty hotel was nice although I was not really appreciating it at that point in time. We decided to take a wander around the towers and visit the shopping mall as it was air conditioned and I was still in my jeans from the plane ride.

The shopping centre was actually just like the big malls in England with mostly the same kinds of shops with the exception of quite a few more luxury brand names. The F1 was on this weekend and so there was quite a big Petronas and Mercedes stand in the main open area of the mall.
Outside the shopping centre and on our way back to the hotel which was only a matter of minutes away, we were met with a wall of rain – which is the best way I can think of describing it and it didnt look as though it was going to stop any time soon.
By the time we had gotten back to the hotel, I was drenched, It was like jumping into a lake fully clothed in heavy jeans and with my change of clothing currently being unloaded from another plane, things were not great… Damn you Emirates or more likely Heathrow for not putting the bags on the right plane.

So then I find myself ironing (I never iron) my clothes to try and steam them dry (this goes on for what seems like forever) – still cant believe im ironing but to be fair, once they got to the “just damp” stage, they were quite nicely ironed (not that this is going to change my mind about the need of an iron)

we went up to the bar which had a balcony which overlooked the towers and got a great view of the rain which still poured down in one continuous sheet.


The view was almost worth it, our bags arrived at 10pm and was a very welcomed sight indeed! the trip can only get better after this start…

The towers looking like Gotham