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This was one of the houses on our short trip of Italy
I wasnt really prepared for the interior of the grand looking mansion on the top of a hill
but the whole 1st level was room upon room of intricate mosaic filled splendour
there were rooms all in white, colour and everything in between


The Ballroom

the entrance to the ballroom in an abandoned hotel
parquet floor always looks quite picturesque when its scattered across the floor


Broken Chairs

Sometimes while out photographing, nature doesn’t behave
you end up getting somewhere and its raining and miserable and have a hard enough time making yourself get out of the car, let alone be inspired to press the shutter

I thought that this was one of those days, even while I was taking pictures, I didnt think this set was going to come out very well. Actually the dark gloomy nature of the light ended up giving some very atmospheric photos.
I would be more inclined to go out in miserable weather if I always got shots like these



An old fusebox in an education facility


The Attic

A dark attic room, there were old newspapers and books laid out on the floor, some of these looked to be local news! the little light there was coming through the window illuminated the cobwebs and the small simple chair by the wall


The Staircase

A grand staircase, or at least it was
This was a revisit to a house that a few months ago had a grand banister running down the staircase, now the place was wrecked, vandals had ruined the murals as well as the elaborate woodwork that was found in the other roomw