The Automobile Graveyard

Old cars are very photogenic, leave them outside for a few decades and let nature take its course and they take on a whole different light.

A small sleepy viliage in Cambridgeshire and a small copse of trees alongside a footpath, hidden in these were these sad looking car parts.
At first it looked like these were fairly modern cars that had been dumped there but further into the woods and there were older and more classic lines to the cars.
There wasnt actually any pattern to these, it may have been whatever the old owner could get their hands on that week, maybe for scrap or parts.

I recognised some of the cars : Vauxhall Cervette, BMW’s Skodas and Fiats but there were alot which I didnt have a clue what they were

The images here are all taken with an Infrared camera, the channels are swapped in photoshop to turn the red sky to blue and the green foliage to yellow/orange which makes it a bit more normal but still keeps the infrared look to it

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