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The Chernobyl exhibition finished today at Cornerstone in Didcot, Its been really interesting to see all the comments that were left, its nice to think that the images have got people thinking, not only about Chernobyl and the disaster that happened there, but also about other ways that we are affecting our planet. Some of the visitors had also found the irony of an exhibition like this in a town under the shadow of a huge power station.

Stay tuned for the next showing of the exhibition


Places – mini galleries

I wanted to start adding more galleries to the site for the smaller locations, ones that didnt need the same amount of detail as the detroit or chernobyl trips. The Places section of the site will now be a home for these, the first is from a trip to an abandoned water park in spain, follow the link below to see this gallery… $br $br More places to come soon.

Exhibition Preview Evening

Wednesdays preview evening went really well, it was nice to see alot of people there and a really diverse range of artwork in the gallery, from sculptures to paintings. There were some really cool animal heads made with perspex that really stood out.
It was nice see the prints in that kind of environment and the people that i spoke to seemed to enjoy them. I was especially pleased with the Detroit prints because i hadnt really seen them together properly as they were when they were mounted on the wall, the paint and aluminium did actually give the print a rusty disguarded feel that i was after.

The Urban Matters Exhibition

So going from one end of london to the other with a suitcase full of framed pictures and badly wrapped metal frames held together with bubble wrap and duct tape was quite a journey. Still I think driving to East London would have been just as stressfull, But the prints are now in the hands of the gallery to put up. I cant wait to see them tomorrow.

I was debating whether to leave out the Chernobyl ones but was really excited to find that they used my photo for the printed flyers and it also made my decision for me.

Heavy Metal

So as a new project starts, i have a load of sheet metal, all shiney waiting to be painted and scratched with scouring pads and wet/dry paper, the aim of which to making them look like scrap metal before putting them through the printer. my first couple of prototypes came out pretty good and its quite exciting working with a completely different medium… results to follow

Upcoming Exhibition

The fall of motorcity is underway, hopefully i will get something live in the next week or so$br$brI have another exhibition coming up at the end of next month, it will consist of a few of the infrared Chernobyl photos and also some from the Detroit project.$br Im playing around with printing on metal at the moment, the first test have been really exciting and these pictures if i can get them how i want them should look good when they are up on the wall of the gallery.