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After a false start with blurb, I had finished the book to find out that you have to start it in the size that you want, cant change size when you order it. It didnt help that I have to go against the templates and do my own thing… when will I learn.
So late night last night but its all done and ordered now. estimated print time is a week on monday so its really pushing it for the books to be here in time for the opening night but fingers crossed. a link will be posted once I have got them.


In Print

I picked up a copy of Practical Photography today, its quite wierd actually seeing MY article in a magazine, after spending 4 years reading about other photographers. 7 pages and unbroken as well, i was expecting some ads in between it but it runs from start to finish. $br $br If anyones seen the magazine, i would love to know what you think – please email or tweet me.

Subtle shades of white

I got a few quotes for mount cutting yesterday, when all this is over, i may set myself up as a framer if some people actually pay those prices. $br Ive decided to cut the mounts myself, I have all the equipment, I was just trying to save some time. I did some experiments yesterday evening using the mount board that i have in the house. $br Its amazing how a subtle difference in the card, makes such a difference in how the print looks, especially with B&W, the 2 types I have are Ice White and Antique White. Ice white makes the prints look too yellow and is way too bright compared to the print. Antique white is only slightly off white but in the frame, it looks way to creamy when around the print. $br Im off to hobbycraft today to try and find an in between white.

Youve been Framed Picked up the frames the other day, theres quite a few of them and they do look quite empty without any pictures in them, kindly on loan from the Windsor Photographic Society. I recieved back the prints as well, Ilford Lab with their usual quality and service, need to get some Mountboard cut now so that i can start putting it all together, Its all starting to become a reality.

Prints to the lab

A bit later than I wanted, but its taken a bit more time than I had expected, but the image files went off to Ilford print today who ive been using for the test prints, their Silver Gelatine process give the prints are really gritty film feel which make the infrared stand out. Ive printed the initial 21 prints that will be in the exhibition and 5 backups in case I change my mind once i see them on paper.

I would like to say thats the big milestone for June, but its just the beginning, have to organise the mounts and a few extra frame sizes next

My first phone interview

Had my first telephone interview today, all the other interviews were done through text which although gave more control, meant that I would go over them time and time again, so this although it was tricky, was a bit more akin to ripping a plaster off.
Had confirmation back from the Sunday Times Magazine that the pictures would be in the online gallery in a few weeks… thats really exciting.


where did that come from? its amazing how quickly the time has flown, June appears like 2 headlights on a country road and i feel like a rabbit in front of them.
There has been some good progress made in the last few days though, ive decided on the pictures, I have another article in a different photography magazine and a major newspapers online sister is going to publish the photos in their online gallery!!
Im starting to get a few mentions on some websites as well, thanks for anyone that has done that, Im still finding it hard to push this on social media, at the moment im just having to press the buttons and then go and scrub the guilt off with a brilo pad!