New year, New lineup

Everyone goes through the “new year, new me” thing. I think thats just human nature
This year for me, does feel a bit different though I must admit

At the end of last year, I took the decision to sell all of my Canon gear which was based around my 5Dmk2 which I had for quite a while but I was never happy with the dynamic range (or lack of it) and the red noise problem which seemed to plague my low light shots!

I have just got my Fuji X-E1 back from the IR workshop and now is fitted with a dual spectrum hotmirror (it cuts out all the light band above UV) My initial test with this, even on a dull day like today were outstanding, the sharpness of the Fuji system is worlds apart from my previous full spectrum Olympus EP2 – I cant wait to get some sunshine now

So the camera lineup for 2014 is :
Sony A7r
– Voigtlander 21mm F1.8
– Canon FD 50mm F1.8
– Contax 28mm T* F2.8

Fuji X-E1 (dual spectrum conversion)
– 18-55mm
– 14mm F2.8
– 55-200mm

The surprising thing for me is the lack of zoom lenses, especially for the Sony, but ive been loving the old lenses so much that actually having a zoom lens doesnt appeal at the moment – the Canon lens especially was an ebay buy and is an absolute gem of a lens on the 7R and for £30, it looks and feels better than any of my older EF lenses ever did

Church – Jpeg straight of of the camera
A7R, Canon 50mm FD
Bedham Church

Church – IR 595 Red filter, converted to mono and fog added to highlights
X-E1, 14mm FX
Bedham Church IR