seeing double

Sometimes an image needs a little bit of help
The last image on this post is a fake picture, its fairly obvious that it is, but the image that I had in my mind when I entered this place was one of a science fiction lair or some sort of grand futuristic chamber.
The narrow walkway and difficult lighting conditions meant that I felt that my photo didnt do the place justice. So this was the process that I went through to end up with the final image

The original Photo:
The original Image

I was playing around with this and flipped it, and hey, it worked, thats a bit more like what I had in my mind.


There were parts of the image which didnt work in flip mode, the signs and text would be back to front so i cloned these out on the flipped side


Then to add some depth, i darkened the highlights on one side of the image


Finally I was left with : Neptunes Chamber