Photo workshop

So this weekend was spent in Brighton, a photography workshop by Michael Levin who is a Canadian fine art photographer, His photos are stunning, not necessarily my sort of thing but he has achieved a lot in a short space of time and has defined his style and gotten it “out there”. I thought that I would pick up a few things…
A lot of photographers keep much of what they do under wraps, which is fair enough (im probably guilty of that myself). There will always be a queue of people who think they can replicate or do something better but Michaels workshop was extremely open and he shared a great deal of knowledge in a very open and honest way. My head was full of ideas by the end of it.
The flip-side to this was of course that I could see a lot of areas where I had been going wrong, too much info on my website, too much clutter in almost everything that I had done before. Maybe not quite a ground-zero moment but its almost there.

This was my first photography workshop, I hadnt found one that i wanted to do before and I wasnt sure how much benefit it would be for me but now I would definitely recommend them, if you can find one that appeals to you and you have a rough idea of what you want to get out of it – I think now they can be very rewarding.

Here were my shots for the final day, im quite happy about these ones:

A walkway into a milky sea