Sarajevo Winter Olympics (in Infrared)

I nearly always take 2 cameras with me on photography trips, my trusty Canon 5Dmk2 which i use for all shoots and a smaller Olympus EP2 which has been specially converted to have a clear bit of glass in place of the hotmirror, this is generally called a “full spectrum” conversion because it lets in all of the colour wavelengths to the sensor. Using this with an infrared filter, this produces images completely different to a normal camera.
An alien landscape comes out of the raw files where trees look blue or green and the sky takes on a deep red hue, much like you would imagine mars to look like after reading war of the worlds.

These images have been processed to enhance the infrared properties of old Kodak HIE film where the photos are monochrome and have really atmospheric characteristics like deep grain and halation which is caused by light leakage on the film

My post on the locations and colour photos are HERE

The Ski Jump:

The bob sled track: