Sarajevo Tunnel of life

The tunnel museum was one of the places on the list to visit in the city, it was over 900 meters of tunnelling which connected the city to the airport which at that time was under the control of the UN.

It was used to get supplies and weapons into the city as well as getting people out. It is estimated that 20 million tons of food entered the city, and 1 million people passed in and out of it.
The tunnel took just over three months to build with people working in shifts around the clock and was probably about 3ft wide and 5ft high. There was a trolley track going through the middle to help transport heavy boxes more easily.

It was the video beforehand which gave the grimmest view of the city during the siege. Normally I’m not a fan of these types of museum footage but it showed Sarajevo in such a different light, the weather was wet and raining and loud explosions and gunshots gave it a harsh realism and really made you feel for the people trapped in their city for so long. It was this that made me look at the city in a new light on return to the old town, the thought of being picked off by snipers in the mountains above while just trying to cross the street, or to be constantly surrounded by burning buildings and vehicles must have been really hard.

I was amazed at how friendly the bosnians were and will definitely return to see some more of this beautiful country.