Lillesden – the revisit

This place was my first urbex exploration, having not really done anything like this before, I remember being really nervous about it, that heightened sense of awareness that never really goes away, but gets diluted as your confidence increases.

The actual place hadnt changed that much apart from the addition of some graffiti, and actually the graffiti was some of the best that I had seen in these places, it certainly beats the usual profanity that gets scribbled on the wall of abandoned places. It was also alot bigger than I had remembered although some of the upper floors were pretty much out of bounds because of the state of them, feeling unnervingly soft with large holes revealing the concrete ground of the floor below.

This was the second location of the day and by now the drizzle had stopped but the grey clouds were still hanging around though, The central staircase has always been the most impressive part of this mansion with large stone stairs winding up passed great mirrors to a domed landing room with one wall again taken up with a grand mirror which is still surprisingly intact. One the ground floor, there were a few rooms of note, my favorite being one painted in a dark blue/green colour with graffiti wrapping around the doorframe in the same colour.

An outer cloister led out to an area which would have been a nice courtyard, but now overgrown, this was the first real outing for my new fisheye and although it took a bit of getting used to, the lower angles worked better. It would have been such a grand building in its time, but as usual, theft from the roof, water damage and exposure to the elements are slowly eating the building to death.

Mickey was there around the corner, not in the usual disney persona. Strangely it fitted with the crumbling nature of what would have been an energised school at one time.

The place had, it seemed become a canvas for graffiti, I like the muted effect that taking photos of this through an infrared camera gives, somehow it brings out the patterns.

The upper floors were quite soft underfoot, treading very carefully up these creaking steps, the light was still bright and muted, this was underexposed by quite a bit to get some detail back in the window and on the stairs.