A Twitter apology

Ive said before that self promotion is one of the things that ive found most difficult throughout the past few months, putting myself on the line as somebody whos photos you should see, isnt (or hasnt been) me.
This week this has been made worse by the start of sending out automated Twitter Direct Messages, Its taken quite alot of buildup to actually press the send button, the thought of sending out messages like that feels so unnatural, I was just about getting used to the normal use of twitter, but… as i keep telling myself, its a necessary evil and the only way sometimes is to shout the loudest… so sorry twitter followers please forgive me.

This week saw the return of one of my magazine mailouts, which was quite nice, although the compliments slip that accompanied it was a bit cold, still at least one of my DVDs can go back in a proper case now.
The press release went out today as well, early days I know but im hoping that something will come of it.