Press releases

Its been about a month now and the 7 small homing pidgeon packages that i sent out to magazines have obviously been left underneath somebodies desk or thrown away by the cleaners.

Part of me is disapointed by this, yes I have had one excellent response which would probably dwarf all the others anyway but another part of me thinks that if you go to the trouble of printing out pictures, creating cds and spending money on envelopes and even enclosing paid returns envelopes, then the magazines should at least send the stuff back to you.
Im not going to stress myself out about this though, i will put it down as their loss
After the trauma of actually having to put words to paper for the article, my numerous attempts at writing a press release have been almost as traumatic. For me I feel like ive almost admitted defeat on this but I need to get over that one. Ive enlisted the help of a PR company to help with the writing and distribution of the release, theres just not enough hours in the evenings at the moment and I dont want to leave this too late.